VIVIZ’s SinB And Umji Sent The Same Message To Their Siblings Only To Receive Very Different Results

Siblings tings.

VIVIZ‘s Umji and SinB both decided to play a little game with their families for the new year. As the new year is the time for greetings, they both sent warm words to their siblings and planned to upload the responses onto the fancafe for fans to see.

[UMJI] The first mission of the new year.

We should send happy new year and I love you to our siblings (+let me edit this lol okay friends are included too) and screenshot the responses LOL

Ready, set ,go

— Umji

Fans expected Umji to receive a warm response as she is the maknae of her family. Furthermore, the age gap between her and her siblings is fairly large, so she would be babied in her household.

  • Umji: “Ddi-wonie, ddi-wonie, Kim Ji Won”
  • Sister: “Yes yes?”
  • Umji: “Siiiiiis, my princess.”
  • Sister: “LOL”
  • Umji: “Happy new year. I looooove you!”
  • Sister: “What the. Did you drink?”

  • Umji: “I wub you”
  • Sister: “???? LOL”
  • Umji: “No, I’m perfectly fine.”
  • Sister: “Hehe okay”
  • Umji: “I just wanted to say I love you.”
  • Sister: “It’s not even 1/1”
  • Umji: “Sooooob”

  • Sister: “Oh dear. Thank you”
  • Umji: “I…love you…sob”
  • Sister: “I love you too, so much.”
  • Umji: “Say, I love you Yewonnie (Umji’s real name) too.”
  • Sister: “I love Yewonnie lots too.”

She also sent a sweet message to her brother.

  • Brother: “What’s up”
  • Umji: “Happy new year, our oppa.”
  • Brother: “LOL”
  • Umji: “The maknae loves you”
  • Brother: “LOL. Yeah, happy new year to our maknae too. Love you.”
  • Umji: “Why are you laughing”

On the other hand, SinB did not seem to have the same luck as Umji. At first, when he had merely responded with a smiling meme, she took it as a sign of his love.

My brother smiled in a way I cannot understand. I guess he loves me.

— SinB

  • SinB: “Oppa”
  • Brother: “?”
  • SinB: “I love you”
  • Brother: [meme]

However, more knowledgeable fans soon burst her bubble. The smiling meme actually originally came with a caption on the side.

How delusional. What bullshit.

— meme

  • Umji: “Hwang Eunbi (SinB’s real name) is really cute.
  • SinB: “@fan Hahaha that’s quite apt. I thought it was a smile of being touched but I guess I really was delusional.”

Which relationship would you rather have with your siblings? Sweet like Umji or joking like SinB?

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