VIXX N begs sasaeng fans to stop harrassing him at hospital, because his mother is very ill

VIXX’s N took to Twitter to beg some of his sasaeng fans to stop following him to the hospital while he visits his sick mother.

In a now-deleted Tweet, he explained it took him a long time to decide to post his explanation, that he is trying to fulfill his duties as a son.

“I am leaving this post after thinking a lot about it. Whether I want it to be seen or not, I know my position (as a celebrity) means the reality is that parts of myself will be exposed to the public.

However, please don’t follow me to the hospital like you did yesterday and today. Before a celebrity, I am naturally doing my duty as a son. I sincerely ask for your understanding.”

Sasaengs are a problem in every group, but some take it way too far, even putting their favorite idol’s lives in danger.

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Source: Dispatch