VIXX N’s kind personality shines through with his congratulatory speech

VIXX won their first win for their latest song “Fantasy” on The Show.  However, it wasn’t just their win that garnered everyone’s attention on the show but also their leader, N.

After the other VIXX members, Ravi and Leo, finished their congratulatory speeches on the August 23, 2016 episode, it was N’s turn to give his thanks. Aside from thanking the staff and the fans, he also says this:

VIXX Ravi and N during "The Show" for their win in August 2016
Image: VIXX Ravi and N during “The Show” for their win in August 2016 / Hankyung

“Although we won number one today, we won’t only remember winning number one or the gold medal. To our athletes who have put so much effort and shed so much sweat during these past four years, you guys have worked hard and thank you. Also thank you for all the singers who congratulated us today.”

Spoken like the kind, sincere and humble leader that he is!

Source: Instiz