(★BREAKING) Wanna One Kang Daniel Having Difficulty Walking And Speaking Due To Extreme Fever

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel has been reported to be extremely ill with the flu.

According to an inside source, Kang Daniel was feeling ill when he went to film for his next schedule. But his conditions got worse, so the crew decided to halt filming.

In order to get back on his feet, Kang Daniel visited the hospital to get treated, but his conditions have yet to get better.

His illness is so severe that he has difficulty speaking, let alone walking properly.

His label is currently in talks to switching up his schedules and regularly assisting Daniel to the hospital for farther treatments.

YMC Entertainment has released a statement regarding his health.

“He was suffering from severe dizziness and high fever so we took him to the hospital. He was suffering from body aches as well, so we quickly canceled his schedules for the day.

From his diagnosis, Kang Daniel will probably not be able to complete his schedules for the next few days.

He will be resting and focusing on regaining his health.”

— YMC Entertainment

Source: TV Daily, News1