Wanna One’s Lai Kuan Lin Lost Weight And Turned His Image Around Completely

WANNA ONE’s Lai Guanlin has lost weight since his first appearance on Produce 101 and his new, sharper image is becoming a hot topic among fans.

Source: Pann

Putting pictures of Lai Guanlin’s Produce 101 days next to recent photos of him, the difference is very evident.

Source: Pann

Lai Guanlin’s long limbs and slender figure were followed by his trademark baby fat cheeks in Produce 101, but recent pics show that he lost all his baby fat.

Women the world over agree that Lai Guanlin’s face is one of the most handsome in the K-Pop scene.

But his most recent weight-loss has taken his visuals to a whole new level.

Source: Pann

Fans can’t help but praise Lai Guanlin for his visuals and hope that he is staying healthy.

Source: Insight