Crayon Pop’s Way Explains Why She’s Getting Double Eyelid Surgery At 30 Years Old

“That is my goal…”

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most common procedures for K-Pop idols, but most stars undergo the operation before they debut. Crayon Pop‘s main rapper and maknae Way, however, is now planning to get double eyelid surgery at the age of 30—nine years after she debuted. Here’s why.

Since Crayon Pop stopped promoting, Way has developed a highly successful YouTube channel—WayLand. Last week, her 319,000 subscribers were treated to a new episode of “Way’s Diaries” where Way recreated MBC‘s popular reality show, I Live Alone. During the video, she also revealed something surprising: she’s planning to get double eyelid surgery. But why now?

| 웨이랜드WayLand/YouTube

Fellow YouTuber Seyoung of YPTV recently underwent double eyelid surgery for the first time at the age of 32, sharing her journey with all her subscribers. As one of the channel’s viewers, Way brought up Seyoung’s surgery success in her latest “Way’s Diaries” video.

YPTV’s Seyoung before (left) and after (right) double eyelid surgery. | @seyoung_1408/Instagram

YPTV‘s Seyoung recently did double eyelid surgery, and it came out well. It came out really well.

— Way

Way went on to say that she’s planning to ask Saeyoung for more information about her own procedure, then go for a consultation with a surgeon. But while many assume that getting double eyelid surgery is all about appearance, Way revealed she has a different motivation for seeking the procedure.

| 웨이랜드WayLand/YouTube

The maknae explained that recently, one of her eyelids has been drooping. Over time, her vision has become less clear, to the point that it’s now affecting her daily life. “Technically“, Way says, she’s been living with “unmatching eyes” her whole life. Over time, she’s repeatedly “postponed and delayed” the procedure because she’s been “scared” of how the surgery might affect her appearance.

| 웨이랜드WayLand/YouTube

I was scared in case it comes out bad and I look too strong, or that my vibe might change.

— Way

Ultimately, her goal is “not to be prettier“, but to ensure her vision doesn’t suffer anymore. If it weren’t for that, Way says she would have carried on living with uneven eyelids.

| @baysunny/Instagram

“Without using the eyelid liquid, let my eyes be like this.” That is my goal.

— Way

Watch Way’s full video for yourself here: