WayV Melts Hearts With Ultimate Boyfriend Material Romantic FaceTime Calls

Someone call an ambulance because I’m having heart palpitations.

To celebrate 5/20 (a Chinese version of Valentines Day), WayV made special romantic video calls for Wayzennies, and we are not okay.

WayV for 5/20 last year | @wayvofficial/Instagram

Lucas was first to post a morning call, sweetly asking Wayzennies to wake up as he shared what he did in the morning. To top it all off, he even had a secret confession to make!

Yangyang took Wayzennies out for brunch, and also had an equally as important confession.

Meanwhile Ten called to have a cute study date and create a secret language.

Hendery called Wayzennies out for tea time so he could give a sweet confession.

Kun made a delicious dinner, and showed a quick magic trick that stole our hearts.

Winwin brought Wayzennies along for his nightly walk, and sweetly wished that he was with them.

And to end the day, Xiaojun sang a song for Wayzennies to drift off to sleep.

You can watch the full videos for each member below, along with some behind the scenes!