Web Drama Featuring Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo Releases First Episode

She’s receiving high praise!

Former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo‘s web drama has officially released its first episode.

Still of “College Life That Everyone Wants” | @KingCrabOfficial/YouTube

It was previously reported that the former girl group member was cast as the female lead in the web drama College Life That Everyone Wants. In the midst of the casting excitement, the web drama has finally released their first episode.

Lee Hyunjoo portrays the role of a college student, Green who joins an advertisement club at her university where she meets the popular male protagonist of the drama Do Heon. Do Heon, who is the chairman of the advertisement club, is played by former Boyfriend member Kim Dong Hyun. The web drama follows the two’s blooming relationship.

Still of “College Life That Everyone Wants” | @KingCrabOfficial/YouTube

The first episode of the drama dropped today, exciting fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release. The former girl group member shows off her cute visuals and charm as she takes on the role of college student, Green.

Still of “College Life That Everyone Wants” | @KingCrabOfficial/YouTube

Viewers of the web drama could also witness Kim Dong Hyun fully digesting the role of the charming male protagonist during this encounter with Lee Hyunjoo at their campus.

Still of “College Life That Everyone Wants” | @KingCrabOfficial/YouTube

The premiere of Lee Hyunjoo’s web drama was released in the middle of her ongoing bullying controversy with her former APRIL members. It was previously revealed by Lee Hyunjoo’s brother that she was bullied by the other APRIL members throughout her time promoting with the group. He shared in his lengthy post that this was the real reason behind her 2016 departure from the group.

APRIL members, Lee Hyunjoo (third from left) | Sports World

The release of the first episode has started to receive positive feedback from viewers, who have begun to express their excitement and support for the former APRIL member.

College Life That Everyone Wants will air every Wednesday, so be on the look out for new episodes. You can catch the first episode down below.

Source: Naver