Upcoming Web Drama “Sometoon 2021” To Feature A.C.E, LUNARSOLAR And More

It will feature idols who represent K-Pop’s 4th generation.

The follow up to the web-drama Sometoon 2020 is on its way!

Sometoon is a webtoon that has been running since 2013, which depicts “different flings and love based on the real stories submitted by the readers.” The web-drama, Sometoon 2020, was based on the spinoff webtoon Sometoon x OH MY GIRL, and featured Oh My Girl‘s Binnie.

| Sometoon x OH MY GIRL 

Sometoon 2021 will also be based on the webtoon and will feature idols who “represent K-Pop’s 4th generation,” such as A.C.E, LUNARSOLARNC.A and the pre-debut boy group BLITZERS, according to Hanteo News.

A.C.E | BEAT Interactive

The web-drama will consist of 20 slice-of-life type of episodes, depicting the life of youths through high school and college, incorporating scenarios such as blind dates, friendships, first and past loves, and more.

The OST will feature tracks by A.C.E, NC.A and rookie girl-group MAJORS. Sometoon 2021 will be available on the Seezn app and will start on May 10.

NC.A | J Planet Entertainment
Source: Hanteo News