“Nevertheless” Webtoon Artist Used These Two Celebrities As Inspiration For The Leads

Fascinatingly, the original models don’t look similar to the drama cast.

Recently, the original artist for the hit webtoon-turned-drama, Nevertheless, revealed that the female lead in the webtoon, Yoo Nabi, was based on Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon. The artist had claimed that she loosely based the appearance of Yoo Nabi on the singer.

On the other hand, the artist shared that she based the character, Park Jaeeon, on the Japanese actor, Kentaro Sakaguchi.

Ultimately, when Song Kang and Han So Hee were cast, many praised the casting for the good synchronization with the webtoon visually. However, when this information was revealed, fans couldn’t help but marvel at how Song Kang and Han So Hee look so different from Kentaro and Taeyeon. Despite this, both pairs fit the webtoon so well!

Source: Entertainment Yonggari