HyunA Reveals To Jessi On How She Got The Nickname “Whining HyunA”

oh, so that’s how she got that nickname.

On the latest episode of Jessi‘s Show!terview, Jessi was finally able to have the highly anticipated rapper HyunA make an appearance.

In the episode, Jessi and HyunA sat down to update HyunA’s profile. Apparently, the profile update was long overdue since HyunA shared, “I’ve never changed my profile since my debut.”

The two changed several things such as weight, hobbies, specialty, and more. Though many things changed, one thing Jessi felt could remain the same was HyunA’s nickname “whining HyunA.

HyunA explained the significance of the nickname and how long ago it was created: “Back when I was a high school student, I appeared on one tv program. I was the youngest one in ‘Invincible Youth.’ People nicknamed me ‘whining HyunA’ since I whined a lot.”

Jessi confirmed that this behavior of HyunA still stands to do and demonstrated to the viewers what exactly “whining HyunA” does.

Despite HyunA getting defensive, Jessi pointed out that that’s just HyunA’s aegyo style. She defined her whining aegyo as HyunA’s charming point: “Her whining is charming even that’s her aegyo.”

HyunA appeared as a guest in light of her comeback album I’m Not Cool that was released on January 28 and has already received a lot of praise!

Check out the episode below: