WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon Reveals He Buzz Cut His Hair To “Cut Out” His “Tainted Past”

“I wanted to completely cut off my tainted past…”

WINNER recently made a comeback with their latest album “CROSS” and they’ve showcased a brand new style to their comeback as well! But one particular haircut caught everyone’s attention.


Lee Seunghoon had completely cut off his hair! His new buzz cut was a focal point as an interviewer asked why he chose the particular hairstyle.


He revealed that he’s tried “all kinds of hairstyles since debut” and had “no other hairstyles left to try.” Seunghoon had indeed tried a variety of hairstyles from long to short to all different colors!

But he ultimately decided on the new cut in order to “cut away” his “tainted past“.

I’ve tried all kinds of hairstyles since debut, and there were no other hairstyles left to try. I debated on what hairstyle would be visually impactful enough to match our completely different music. I decided on a buzz cut and I wondered if it would match me well.

I wanted to completely cut off my tainted past and start a new beginning. I wanted to show people my decision and got it cut.

— Lee Seunghoon


He doesn’t have to wonder anymore because his new cut looks absolutely amazing on him!


Check out WINNER’s new music video to see more of Seunghoon’s new cut!

Source: Spotv News