WINNER preparing to return with new album in November

After over a year of hiatus since their debut promotions in August 2015, power rookies WINNER is finally making a comeback!

According to a music insider, WINNER is scheduled to make a comeback before the end of the year in November and has already begun shooting their music video, visiting Stockholm, Sweden just last week. Not only that, the boys were spotted in London as well.

Additionally, it was revealed that WINNER would be promoting double title tracks rumored to be called “Sentimental” and “BABY BABY BABY.”

Their comeback is great news to fans who have been awaiting their comeback for more than a year. They debuted in August 2015 with 2014 S/S which took over the digital charts and achieved an all-kill. Since then, they have performed a tour in Japan, receiving acknowledgement worldwide.

Source: My Daily