This is Why WINNER’s Jinu Wants to Drop His “Pretty Face” Nickname

“I’ve always had the handsome, pretty image in WINNER.”

WINNER‘s Kim Jinu has always been know for his stunning visuals.

With his doe-like eyes and small face, it is no surprise that multiple people have praised his looks throughout his career.

He even ranked fifth in the “Most Handsome” category of Ilgan Sport’s 2018 survey among idols.

Although he’s had his fair share of compliments, Jinu surprisingly no longer wants to be known for his “pretty face.”

The reason for this is actually simple—Jinu does not think it can last forever.

He agrees that while the visual image is a positive one, he wants to show more aspects of himself to the public.

Fans agree that he deserves to be known beyond his pretty face. With his soulful voice and hardworking attitude, it’s not hard to see why.

Jinu is showing his many talents through his solo debut “Call Anytime” feature MINO. Check out the music video below!