WINNER’s Mino issues an apology for his controversial lyrics on “Show Me The Money 4”

Currently heavily criticised for his controversial lyrics on Show Me The Money 4, WINNER’s Mino posted a personal apology about the issue. 

Updating WINNER’s official Facebook page on July 13th, Mino made a personal post apologising for the lyrics used on the program.

Apologising for his lyrics and actions, Mino stated that he is currently deeply reflecting on the incident. According to him, the competitive nature of the program led him to be more provocative in the composition and selection to his lyrics, which he acknowledged to have led to this error. He also expressed deep regret and embarrassment over his actions after seeing the episode himself.

He closed the statement with an apology for his mistake and promised to undo it through better quality of lyrics and music in the future.

Show Me The Money 4 was recently under fire for Mino’s controversial lyrics that received a number of complaints due to its degrading nature.

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Posted by WINNER on Sunday, July 12, 2015