WINNER’s Seunghoon Apologizes For His Behaviour Towards BTOB’s Ilhoon

Once he saw the criticism, he quickly apologized

WINNER has recently made another successful comeback with their second EP “Ah Yeah”.

The members were invited to Idol Radio, hosted by BTOB’s Ilhoon where they all got comfortable and started joking around.

WINNER and Ilhoon have been well acquainted, with Seunghoon even revealing once that Ilhoon once complained about his company Cube Entertainment to him.

It appears that they have already been friendly enough with each other to have been that honest.

Likewise, doing the radio show, Ilhoon was teasing the WINNER members.

Sitting next to him, Seunghoon responded to Ilhoon’s jokes by hitting him on the head with his paper. Since the radio show was also streamed as a live broadcast, the viewers saw this action.

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Many netizens found this disrespectful as BTOB debuted before WINNER, hence Ilhoon should have been treated with respect as Seunghoon’s senior.

Furthermore, Seunghoon was criticised for hitting the DJ as a guest and for taking the joke too far.

Seunghoon quickly apologised for his behaviour on social media, especially to the Melodies who took offense.

To wrap up the tension that came during today’s show on Idol Radio, I’d like to apologize to BTOB’s Ilhoon for hitting his head. I’m sorry. I want to say sorry to Melody who must have felt bad after watching this. From now on I will be more careful as WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon

Many Inner Circles and Melodies have praised Seunghoon for his timely and personal apology.

However, it seemed clear during the live broadcast that Seunghoon and Ilhoon were joking around with each other and there didn’t seem to be any lost feelings.

When WINNER and Ilhoon were ending the broadcast, Seunghoon and Ilhoon were spotted displaying skinship.

Seunghoon even got Ilhoon to do the final bow with WINNER, making Ilhoon look like the 5th member of WINNER.

While Seunghoon didn’t have any ill intentions for his behaviour, he displays his maturity and consideration through his sincere and fast apology.