New Witness Testimonies Reveal College Student May Have Entered Han River And Died On His Own

All the witnesses saw something similar.

New updates have been reported regarding the heartbreaking case of Son Jeong Min.

Son Jeong Min | Dispatch

As Son Jeong Min’s death continues to rock the nation, new evidence has been brought forward in the form of witness testimonies. According to Chosun and the reports given by the Seoul Seocho Police Department, 3 of the 7 key witnesses in this case shared that they saw something on the evening of his disappearance.

I saw a man who was moving his arms back and forth, kind of like he was swimming, go deep into the river. I thought that he had drank too much and decided to go for a swim that evening. I didn’t think it was dangerous.

— Witness A

Seoul Seocho Police Station | MSN

Other witnesses corroborated witness A’s story by sharing that they also saw similar events.

I saw a male figure walking into the water until the level of the water hit his chest. He kept going into the deep waters of the river. It looked like he was a swimmer because he was going deeper into the water by moving his arms in a swimming motion.

— Witness B

I saw someone who looked like they were swimming.

— Witness C

Son Jeong Min’s missing persons sign | MBC News

After these witness testimonies were released, the Seoul Seocho Police Department shared their statement saying, “we went out to the river from 2:30-4:40 AM to reenact the evening according to the witness statements. We wanted to make sure that the witnesses’ statements were correct and that they could indeed see activity in the water at the given time.” 

Search and rescue at Han River | Yonhap News

Previously, it was reported that 22-year-old college student Son Jeong Min was found dead in the Han River after a night out drinking with one of his friends. This case of his disappearance and death truly shook the nation to its core, as the nation mourns his death. The public has been vocal about the shock they have been experiencing, keeping this case in major news headlines ever since its initial report back in April. Petitions, candlelight memorials and more have been taking the nation by storm as the country demands answers regarding his death.

| SBS News

May he rest in peace.

Source: Chosun