WJSN The Black Reveal Their Thoughts On Debuting As The Second Sub-Unit Of The Group

WJSN The Black recently made their unit debut, and shared their feelings about it!

WJSN‘s second unit group, WJSN The Black, recently debuted, and talked about their unit group concept, image, and more!

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In a recent interview, WJSN The Black revealed the albums’ concept and what type of image they wished to show through this debut! This sub-unit is made up of Bona, Eunseo, Exy, and Seola, and is the second unit group after WJSN Chocome (Dayoung, Luda, Soobin, and Yeoreum), which debuted last October.

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One of the questions the group was asked was,

WJSN Chocome debuted as a unit group last year. Did you have any pressure being the second unit group to debut?

Bona answered first, stating that the two units were very different image-wise, and so they were confident that they would be able to bring something new to the table!

Actually, Chocome and WJSN The Black are totally different concepts so we think we are very lucky to be able show our fans different images as a group.


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Eunseo shared that rather than seeing it as pressure, they thought of it more as a great opportunity to show their dynamic range as artists!

I think we see it as more of an opportunity rather than pressure. As a group, we are able to show you our image of WJSN, and as unit groups, we are able to show more of our individual image.

We worked hard in order to show that we are a group that can take on any type of concept.


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The group also asked to explain the kind of image they’d like to show with this new unit group!

What is the image that you are trying to show through WJSN The Black?

Seola revealed that she’d like to show people that WJSN has many different sides to them by constantly trying out new concepts!

I think we will have succeeded with our new challenges if we hear people say, “WJSN had this side to them?” We want to set in stone that we are not a group that sticks to one style but rather still has so many different concepts to show.


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Exy agreed, stating that she wants audiences and fans to know that they’ve upgraded in terms of their music and performance!

I don’t think we should always show the same image when promoting. As much as we focused on this unit group to show ‘maturity’ and ‘change’, we hope to hear that our performance and music have upgraded.


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WJSN The Black recently made their debut with the single album My Attitude and title track “Easy”.

Watch the MV for it here!

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