Actor Won Bin purchases new building for unbelievable amount in Seoul

It has been found out by the media that actor, Won Bin, invested 2.1 billion won for a building in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

The March issue of a monthly women’s magazine first announced the news that Won Bin had purchased a building with 4 flours located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul under his real name Kim Do Jin. Reportedly, the building cost the actor 2.1 billion won. Moreover, Won Bin researched the neighborhood for a while and decided to invest in the building with his interior designer friend’s recommendation.

According to the local real estate agent, “As far as I know, Won Bin purchased the building because he liked how the streets were cozy and quiet.” Recently, the streets in Seongsu-dong have been occupied with businessmen’s homes, coffee shops, studios, and various other cultural spots. It has been said that many renowned celebrities and agencies are currently interested in investing in the area as well.

Meanwhile, Won Bin will finally be returning to the screen after a five year hiatus, and is currently looking for his next project.

Source: Xports News