Rapper Woo Won Jae Reveals Badass Reason Why He Doesn’t Use Wireless Earphones

“Wire earphones come in handy in taxis.” — Woo Won Jae

In a recent upload by GQ Korea, rapper, Woo Won Jae revealed what he likes to carry in his bag on a daily basis, one of which was earphones with wires.

The fact that a high-earning rapper like Woo Won Jae uses earphones with wires over wireless ones can be surprising, but he shared that it wasn’t always this way.

I lost my airpods and airpod pro, so I’m using these right now.

— Woo Won Jae

But what’s even more surprising is that he prefers the earphones with wires now.

I actually like these.

— Woo Won Jae

And his reason is pretty badass.

According to Woo Won Jae earphones with wires come in handy when you ride in taxis.

When you get into a taxi with wireless earphones, the taxi driver always tries to talk to you. But the ones with wires are different.

— Woo Won Jae

He guaranteed fans that if you want to tell people to stop talking, wire earphones are the way to go.

It’s the perfect way to tell people, ‘Don’t talk to me.’

— Woo Won Jae

Who else can relate?

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight