Woollim Entertainment responds to Sungkyu’s “Kontrol” MV being a Sewol tribute

Is Sungkyu’s “Kontrol” music video a Sewol tribute? Woollim Entertainment responds to the allegations in a recent statement.

Sungkyu’s title track “Kontrol” quickly became a hot topic after its release on May 11th as fans suspected the music video to be a Sewol tribute.

X Sports News reached out to his agency on the phone, a representative commenting, “We watched the music video again after receiving the news,” continuing cautiously, “The music video wasn’t made with the intention to commemorate the Sewol disaster, I think some took it that way because the story’s about finding a younger sister. I hope the viewers will watch it with an open mind. The message is open to interpretation”

Fans and other viewers found various clues that pointed them towards the Sewol commemoration concept, believing that it was a tribute towards the INFINITE fan who passed away during the incident, including the fishbowl and the female lead with wet hair towards the end as the two overlook the sea.

The INFINITE member’s solo comeback album was released on May 11th along with his double title track “Kontrol” and “Only You.”

Source: X Sports News