X1 Fan’s Handwritten Apology To ARMYs And BTS’s Jimin Trends On Twitter

Another apology letter has been posted by the Twitter user who started the mocking hashtag.

Previously, an X1 fan Twitter user started a mocking hashtag on BTS Jimin’s birthday, making many ARMYs in Korea upset. The user has since then posted an apology letter to the fans and Jimin. But the letter didn’t seem to be enough for fans who worked hard to create a special birthday for Jimin.

Comments and messages demanding a handwritten and genuine apology continued until the user ultimately posted an updated apology letter.

Hello this i Kikkik. I am truly sorry for writing an insincere apology letter through my memo pad on my phone. I know that my apology may not take away all the pain from ARMYs and X1 fans, but I am still truly sorry. I deserve all the hate that I am receiving due to something I posted without thinking about it. It is 100% my fault that this issue got as big as it did. It started as a small joke but after putting myself in the other person’s shoes I can see that I didn’t think through this well. I truly apologize to BTS’s Jimin for posting a mocking hashtag on your birthday. I will not step foot on Twitter and make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. I have nothing else to say except that I am sorry. The #HappyBirthdayGorila hashtag is without a doubt my entire fault. Since I am the one who started this, I will try my best to take down the trending tweet and help in BTS Jimin’s birthday tweets. I am truly reflecting on my mistake and apologize again to ARMYs. I am also sorry to X1 fans who were upset over my Twitter photo and profile. I know that many of you may still be angry while reading my apology letter. Once again, I am truly sorry for everything. I am also sorry that this letter is short. Thank you for reading.

–Twitter User @merong1027

Fans were divided in their opinions on attacking the user for the mocking hashtag. Although the hashtag was seen as offensive to fans, the user had admitted that they were just joking around with friends and did not think that it would become trending on Twitter. Some fans felt that people were being a bit too harsh on a child and that they should just let it go as long as the person truly understood what they did wrong.

It was later revealed on online community boards that the Twitter user who started the tag was only 12 years old. Some fans, however, felt that age had nothing to do with the incident and that they should take responsibility for their actions.

Hopefully the Twitter user has learned to be more careful of their words and actions, especially on the internet.

Source: theqoo