X1 Fans Were Not Refunded Their Membership Fees And Are Now Preparing To Take Legal Action

Fans demand a refund.

After X1 announced that they will be disbanding after the rigged scandal, official fanclub members are demanding a refund for their membership fees.

The CEO of CJ ENM previously announced that IZ*ONE will continue their promotions but X1 will disband.


With news of their disbandment, X1 fans began to demand a refund for their membership fees. They claim that they signed up for the fanclub expecting a full year of promotions but there is no point anymore as the group disbanded.

They paid 34,000 won (~$30 USD) for their annual membership. Their membership allowed them the first priority sales for the group’s albums, official goods, and promotional events.

The fans have yet to receive a refund and now plan to take legal actions against X1’s management. They will reportedly file a lawsuit against CJ ENM as they hold X1’s disbandment accountable.

CJ ENM has not yet responded to the claims.

Source: MK Sports