X1 Members Reported To Be Resting At Their Personal Homes

They are taking a break.

After reports of the members of IZ*ONE taking a break and resting at their homes, it has been confirmed that X1 is doing the same.

An official stated on November 21 that some members are no longer staying at their dorm and are resting in the personal homes. They are officially taking a break and staying with their families.

According to said sources, their dorm is still available for their use, but it is unknown when they would return to their lodging. It appears both IZ*ONE and X1 are going to have prolonged suspension.

This stems from the arrest of PD Ahn Joon Young. It has been reported that the PD, as well as other members of Mnet Produce production staff, has been arrested.

They were arrested for fraud and the rigging of votes for all Produce seasons. Although Ahn Joon Young initially admitted to manipulating the line-up of the last two seasons, he later admitted to manipulating all four seasons of Produce.

Source: Daum