Yang Hyun Suk hints at YG girl group debut early next year

At the press conference for iKON’s debut, Papa YG alluded to the possibility of the long-awaited girl group’s debut.

Yang Hyun Suk, who is often chided by fans for his cryptic timelines regarding idol group comebacks and debuts, has spoken up about the girl groups under his wing, following the explosive activity from boy groups BIGBANG and iKON this year with WINNER to come soon.

When asked about 2NE1, he answered it is difficult to say when they would be returning with a new album. The individual members have been busy with their separate schedules. Where CL is concentrating on her American debut, Dara has been busy with acting in web series and appearing on variety shows. Minzy is said to be focusing on her studies while Park Bom has been laying low since her drug scandal.

Because of this inactivity as a group, the girls have been surrounded with rumors of potential disbanding. While Yang Hyun Suk firmly denied these rumors, on Park Bom’s issue, he admitted that it was a sensitive topic and she needs time to reflect.

However, he revealed that the producers have been getting ready for the debut of the secretive YG Entertainment girl group and is hoping for an album early next year. Trainees who have been speculated to be in this girl group include Jennie Kim who featured in G-Dragon’s “Black,” Jisoo who starred in EPIK HIGH’s “Spoiler” music video, Lalisa who modeled for NONAGON, and others.

Source: My Daily