Yang Hyun Suk promises Katie Kim will make her debut as soon as possible

Katie Kim (1993) was recently announced as the fourth season winner of K-Pop Star, revealing that she has chosen YG Entertainment as her agency of choice.

In light of her recent and quick decision, Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment and K-Pop Star judge said in an interview with Star News on April 13th, “First of all, I’ll try to make Katie Kim as healthy and pretty as possible through exercise.”

On her latest achievement on winning K-Pop Star 4, Yang Hyun Suk said on her debut under YG Entertainment, “Now I’ll have to decide on how to debut Katie Kim. We are going to introduce Katie Kim to YG’s cafeteria to feed her good food, and use our 10+ staff devoted to personal training programs to get her fit as well as making her healthy as possible. With great health, her voice will gradually become stronger and her appearances will become prettier naturally.”

In the past four seasons of K-Pop Star, YG Entertainment has gained two winners of the program as well as a runner-up, including Lee Hi (Season 1; Runner-up), Akdong Musician (Season 2; Winners), and of course, Katie Kim (Season 4; Winner). Within a year of the season’s end, both Lee Hi and Akdong Musician have both made their official debut into the music industry, making waves and topping charts.

Yang Hyun Suk continues, “Lee Hi, Akdong Musician and other ‘K-Pop Star’ contestants have made their debut with their first songs in just couple months after joining YG. For the sake of Katie Kim and all of her fans, we are going to hurry the process of releasing her new song. Katie Kim’s first song release as a YG member is both equally important for her as well as for the company. [YG] is going to put in the best efforts alongside with Katie Kim to create her first debut song.”

Look forward to her amazing debut within the year!

Source: Star News