Yang Hyun Suk Reveals A New Spoiler For iKON’s August Comeback

And fans can already tell it’s going to be amazing.

YG previously revealed that iKON would be making a comeback on August 2nd with their new album “NEW KIDS: CONTINUE”.

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The new mini album would be the third and final album to the three-part series which began with “NEW KIDS: BEGIN” in May 2017 followed by “RETURN” in January 2018.

iKON’s “Love Scenario”, in particular, became a huge hit, maintaining its rank on major real-time music charts for 43 days and sweeping the weekly charts for 6 consecutive weeks. It even became a phenomenon among elementary school children in Korea.


Moreover, Yang Hyun Suk showed his support for the boy group by sharing a photo of himself holding a jewelry case with “ICON” written on it, adding the hashtags #iKON, #FIGHTING and #YG.

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This time, he actually shared a clip from their music video shoot. In the caption he wrote, “Not sure if I am supposed to post this …a spoiler clip from the MV shoot. Official teaser to be posted soon.”

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This is the second spoiler he released, with the first being released about three weeks prior. While the first spoiler only contained footage of the music video, the more recent spoiler actually revealed a part of their song as well.

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Anticipation for iKON’s comeback has been rising since the spoiler was released with only a little over a week before the album drops!

  • “I’m looking forward to it! Let’s make it big!!”
  • “Congratulations on your Aug 2 comeback!! It looks awesome. It’s been such a long wait since Jan 25.”
  • “I’m so excited. Fighting iKON!”
  • “Let’s make iKON’s comeback a daebak!!”
  • “I can’t wait!”
  • “Even though it’s short, I can tell the song is going to be so good! The dance looks amazing too!!”
  • “Yes, excited!!”
  • “Daebak I always trust in iKON’s music!”


Source: Naver