Yang Hyun Suk shares an interesting fact from CL’s “Lifted” MV

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk shared an interesting tidbit about CL’s latest English track, “Lifted.” 

Immediately after “Lifted” was released, Yang Hyun Suk revealed on his personal Instagram account that CL’s music video for the English track was filmed exactly a year ago. He uploaded a photo as proof from one of his posts last year.

Combining the two photos from CL’s music video, Yang Hyun Suk revealed the hints through the tags, “#20150819,” “#MVShootDate,” “#20160819,” “MVReleaseDate,” “Exactly1YrApart” and more. He went on to share his excitement not only towards CL’s latest single, but also to the weird coincidence of her music video filming and release date.

“Lifted” was released last August 19th as a teaser for her CL’s upcoming album released.

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