Yang Hyun Suk Suspected Of Receiving Special Treatment From Police In 2016 Illegal Building Case

He is suspected of receiving special treatment.

In an exclusive report, Channel A has detailed how it is suspected that Yang Hyun Suk received special treatment in his 2016 illegal building modification case.

Back in 2016, Yang Hyun Suk was suspected of violating the building law. The Seoul Mapo-gu office asked police to investigate the building, saying that the photo studio that was previously on the 3rd floor was turned into a residence without reporting the change of use.

The Seoul Mapo Police booked Yang Hyun Suk as a suspect, but no formal charges were filed. Normally, suspects are summoned for investigations, but Yang Hyun Suk simply attended a questioning session at his own leisure, with the police visiting him instead.

The police visited the YG office for their investigations. Two police officers, including the head of the investigation team, left after investigating Yang Hyun Suk for about 1 hour.

— Channel A Reporter

Two months later, police handed over the case to prosecution, who handed Yang Hyun Suk a 3 million KRW ($2,466.98 USD) fine.

Police say it is unusual for a suspect to have officers visit the suspect for questioning, as it is usually only used for hospital patients and elderly, who are unable to move around easily. But the investigation team says there were no problems with the way the investigation was held.

Yang Hyun Suk is very busy and has many schedules. I’m just following the situation, so I don’t think it’s any sort of special treatment.

— Police officer in charge of the investigation


Source: Channel A