Yang Hyun Suk Listens To Fans Wishes, Confirms iKON Comeback

News has finally been released about iKON’s comeback.

iKON was confirmed to be making a comeback in 2018, but not much has been revealed about their comeback. Now, YG Entertainment‘s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk has released a detailed update about their comeback.

“iKON, 2018 YG’s First Artist, Second Album RETURN, 2018 January, Domestic promotions all in, All of iKONICS (iKON’s Fandom Name) wishes will be listened to the fullest, album release date will be on top of teaser photo which will be released soon.”

— Yang Hyun Suk

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Accompanying that message, he uploaded a few cropped photos of iKON, which are rumored to be their teaser photos.

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A 1 minute trailer video was also uploaded

Fans of iKON have long complained about YG not promoting them as much and making them constantly wait for a comeback

So they were visibly ecstatic to hear the news

We can’t wait to see what iKON has in store for us!