YG Entertainment Announces Postponement Of The Last “24/365 With BLACKPINK” Episode Featuring Baby Panda

The agency reassured the viewers that BLACKPINK members followed all protocols.

Following the recent panda-handling controversy — shown as part of the “24/365 with BLACKPINK” series on the group’s official channel…

Jennie with Everland’s baby panda Fubao. | BLACKPINK/YouTube

YG Entertainment has announced a postponement of the “Last Episode” featuring the pandas. The agency stated they agree “with the preservation experts’ suggestion” that portraying such close human contact with a baby panda can be detrimental to the international preservation effort.

Everland’s baby panda Fubao in the hands of the caretaker. | @withEverland/Twitter

The agency also insisted that BLACKPINK members followed “strict quarantine and hygienic protocols” to stay “dressed in protective suits, masked, and gloved” for the entire duration of their interaction with the baby panda…

BLACKPINK members in protective gear, masks, and gloves with a panda professional. | BLACKPINK/YouTube

… unlike the controversy suggests.

Giving a weak baby panda to people who are wearing makeup and perfume… the zoo and the agency are both dead. [+27,000 Likes]

— Weibo Comment

Read the full notice here.

Hello. We have decided to postpone the release of the “Last Episode” of BLACKPINK’s “24/365 with BLACKPINK”, originally scheduled for today, November 7 Saturday.

Please note that BLACKPINK’s interaction with Everland Zoo’s pandas took place under the professional supervision of veterinarians and zookeepers. We followed strict quarantine and hygienic protocols. BLACKPINK members remained dressed in protective suits, masked, and gloved when they came in contact with the baby panda. We also reassure you that everyone’s hands and shoes got sanitized regularly as we progressed with the shoot.

Regardless, we understand and agree with the preservation experts’ suggestion that “a broadcast of non-professionals interacting closely with baby pandas” can cause different types of misunderstandings. We also value and respect international cooperation. Hence, we have decided not to air the episode.

We thank you for the concerns. As for BLACKPINK members and the pandas who participated in filming the episode, please continue to send them your undivided love and attention.

— YG Entertainment