YG Entertainment expresses concern over fraudulent tickets during BIGBANG’s fanmeet

YG Entertainment has addressed a concern about fraudulent tickets being distributed for BIGBANG’s upcoming concerts in China. 

On March 17th, a number of reports in China reported that a lot of fans were victimised in a ticket scam for BIGBANG’s fan meet in Zhengzhou. As all tickets for the event was sold, fans turned to scalpers for tickets, however, these turned out to be fraudulent and were not allowed to enter the venue. Despite ticket touting being a common occurrence in the country, in case of high demand events, these tickets are being resold on a very high price.

At the day of the event, at least 20 reported cases were revealed with investigations ongoing for the seized tickets.

A day after the reports were released, YG Entertainment released a statement alerting fans to not buy these scalped tickets, further apologising for the victims of the scam. The agency further revealed that with their announcement, fans would not in turn be victims of fraud.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG continues the rest of their fan meets in China.

Source: TVReport