YG Entertainment officially embarks into the restaurant business

YG Entertainment will now officially expand into dining business as well. As of June 5th, the entertainment company launched its first location of the grand restaurant franchise Samgeori Butchers in Hongdae, Seoul.

On June 4th KST, a day before the public opening, CEO Yang Hyun Suk, PSY, Jinusean, BIGBANG, AKMU, WINNER, and more YG family artists were seen at the launching party, celebrating the new start of the BBQ franchise. On top of the YG artists, CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s close acquaintances, including many top stars have been spotted as well.

In the past, YG Entertainment has garnered public attention for their delicious home-like-meals served in the company’s cafeteria. Many stars have even wished to try a dining experience at YG’s company building. As much as CEO Yang Hyun Suk knows the yearning for a home cooked meal while working days and nights, he previously commented, “Our families must eat well to work well.”

With such passion for serving quality meals, it only seems natural for YG Entertainment to enter into the restaurant business.

In the meantime, many are already wondering what kind of success Samgeori Butchers will bring as it is a brand new BBQ franchise launched by YG Entertainment, one of the big three in the entertainment industry, and Noh Hee Young, one of the biggest icon in the dining industry.

Source: Joongang