YG Surprises Fans with the Release of Rosé’s Cover of Halsey

Halsey is following Rosé on Instagram.

On February 11, which was also Rosé‘s birthday, YG Entertainment uploaded Rosé’s cover of Halsey‘s “Eyes Closed” on BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel.

The soulful cover captured the hearts of all who listened thanks to Rosé’s outstanding and emotional voice. What especially stood out was how different her cover was from the original.

Rosé had also covered this song before during BLACKPINK’s Japan tour last year. This elicited a positive response from fans and Halsey even started to follow Rosé’s Instagram account.

Fans were especially excited by this post because it has been recently announced by YG that Rosé will be the next BLACKPINK member to release a solo song this year.

BLACKPINK recently completed their successful debut in America through their performance on Grammy Artist Showcase.

They will continue to make their presence known by appearing on CBS’ Good Morning America tomorrow on February 12.

Listen to Rosé’s cover of Halsey’s “Eyes Closed” below:

Source: Insight