YG Updates On WINNER Seungyoon’s Health And Plans For His Return

YG explained their plans for Seungyoon’s schedules.

YG Entertainment updated the fans on WINNER Seungyoon‘s current health. Seungyoon has been discharged from the hospital and will be returning to his schedules that don’t take a toll on his body.

WINNER had previously halted all group performances after Seungyoon was taken to the hospital last Sunday for pains from a herniated disc in his neck.

He first felt the symptoms while waiting for their Inkigayo rehearsal. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed and given treatment. All of his schedules were canceled and the rest of the members continued on with part of their activities.

Now that he’s recovered well from his treatments, YG revealed that Seungyoon will begin promotions again with certain restrictions. Seungyoon reportedly filmed Radio Star today that will air next Wednesday.


Read YG’s full statement below:

Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

In accordance with the doctor’s opinion, WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon was discharged from the hospital today (5th).

Last Sunday, Kang Seungyoon was waiting to rehearse for SBS Inkigayo when he was immediately taken to the hospital due to pains from a herniated disc in his neck. He was admitted into the hospital and focused on receiving his treatments for a safe recovery.

Thanks to his focused treatments, Kang Seungyoon was able to recover quicker than expected and was able to be discharged back to his home to rest. We plan on continuing with Kang Seungyoon’s schedules as long as it doesn’t harm his body.

We would like to relay his apologies for making his fans worry, and we promise to do our best in taking care of our artists’ health and condition.

Thank you to everyone who was worried about Kang Seungyoon.

— YG Entertainment

Source: Star Today