Will Yoo Ah In Be Able To Make A Comeback After His Drug Scandal? Here’s A Look At Other Actors With Similar Offenses

Here’s what happened historically.

Actor Yoo Ah In was recently confirmed to have taken various drugs over a few years. He was taken in under suspicions in early February 2023 after returning from a trip to the US. Results showed that he took the drug propolis over 73 times in 2021, while tests in showed use of marijuana more recently and another third drug.

With that, Yoo Ah In’s habitual substance abuse has become one of the more severe cases in the industry. Fans expressed deep worry for him and encouraged him to seek help. On the other hand, as drug abuse is a serious crime in South Korea, it may or may not be possible for the talented actor to make a comeback.

Yoo Ah In | Netflix

Taking a look at past cases of celebrity substance abuse, there have been frequent cases of abusing propofol. Famed actor Ha Jung Woo was also caught abusing the drug in August 2021. He acknowledged the use of the drug and admitted that he has used his younger brother and manaer’s name to take the drug 19 times between January 2019 and September. He paid a fine of ₩30.0 million KRW (about $22,800 USD) and received probation.

Ha Jung Woo went through the usual “reflective period” and came back after a year through the 2022 Netflix series Narco-Saints.

Ha Jung Woo in Narco-Saints. | Netflix

On the other hand, both singers Wheesung and Gain have also been caught for propofol use. Wheesung was banned from appearing on broadcast in 2021 by KBS, and has not released music since. Gain has not been active since, either.

Looking at marijuana, BTOB‘s Ilhoon remains inactive, while B.I has since returned to the music scene with successful concerts and albums under his belt.

BTOB’s Ilhoon. | Cube Entertainment

Yoo Ah In’s abuse remains one of the highest cases in terms of quantity. He injected propofol over six times in a month. Korean media views it almost impossible for him to make a comeback. Even if he does, he may only be allowed on cable or private networks such as OTT platforms and will likely be banned from the three public networks, KBS, SBS, and MBC.

Source: theqoo