Yoon Jong Shin Expresses His Thoughts On The Recent Issue of Chart Manipulation And Koreans Agree 100%

“We must fix this problem, no matter what it takes…”

With netizens accusing SHAUN of chart manipulation, the issue of sajaegi has once again come to light.

Sajaegi is the Korean term that refers to chart manipulation.


Yoon Jong Shin has since uploaded a post on his Instagram expressing his thoughts on the subject.

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“Charts are the reflection of phenomena, but since the charts have begun creating the phenomena, using whatever means to rise in the charts has now become the goal.”


“I believe the Real-Time Chart and the Play Top 100 are clearly a problem. The charts must become platforms that help many people develop a clear preference of their own.”


“In the long term, it is those platforms that will succeed.”


“I believe the first page of music sites should automatically be curated to suit each individual. We are providing all the data of each individual’s musical preference and yet, why must we listen to the news and music that they want us to hear rather than the music and news of musicians that we want?”


“I’d like to suggest removing the Play Top 100 button on music charts. A large number of people unconsciously click on this non-preferential play button and spend their time listening to it. Those who rank in the charts obtain additional benefits.”


“We must fix this problem, no matter what it takes…”


Many netizens sympathized with Yoon Jong Shin’s opinion and could not support his statement more.

  • “What he’s saying is absolutely true…he’s amazing.”
  • “That’s so true…I especially think it’ll be great if the music that suits your preference will show up on the front page.”
  • “That’s right. The charts recently are basically a rank of popularity.”
  • “What he’s saying is all correct. If only we could get rid of the real-time chart, I think the problem would improve a lot.”
  • “Wow, he’s right. How is it that we only see the content they want us to see when we provide so much personal information? I kept nodding while reading this because everything he said was so right.”
  • “He is right. I really think we need a proper reformation just about now.”
Source: Instiz