YoonA Prepares A Delicious Meal For Park Bo Gum

This dish truly proves YoonA’s excellent cooking skills!

YoonA once again showed off her excellent cooking skills on Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.


This time, she made Korean braised rockfish for Park Bo Gum on his last day of working at Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.

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YoonA even took the time to practice making the dish at home beforehand.

The dish is known to be one of the more difficult Korean dishes to make.


First, she removed the innards of the fish and descaled it.


Then chopped some vegetables (carrots and radish) to add into the dish.


YoonA then continued to spoon the sauce onto the fish to help it marinate.


The complete dish looked like it came right out of a fine dining magazine!


When it was time for her to show off what she’s practiced at Hyori’s house, she carefully went through each step of the cooking process with confidence.


The finished product? A complete success!


Park Bo Gum complimented her on how delicious her cooking was.


Even Hyori admitted that YoonA was a real cook and said her dish tasted like it was from a restaurant.


Lee Sang Soon and YoonA herself also enjoyed the meal eating the fish wrapped in lettuce.


Thanks to YoonA’s thoughtful gesture, Park Bo Gum was able to have a filling, healthy meal before he departed back to Seoul!


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