Young Jun next Brown Eyed Soul member to release new solo single soon

Following the success of Naul‘s solo track “You From The Same Time,” Brown Eyed Soul‘s Young Jun is preparing to amaze listeners with his own solo track this month.

The second teaser video was recently published, forecasting the release from Young Jun on the 27th. The title of this song is “THINK OF YOU,” and is part of Brown Eyed Soul’s single project in which they will be releasing a track each month. Young Jun’s song follows up with the first release from Naul in February, “You From The Same Time.”

The rest of the members will release their own single tracks one by one in the following months.

The teaser video gathered attention with the appearance of actor Kim Dae Myung from the recently completed drama, Misaeng. The news of his role in the teaser video gathered more expectations than anticipated. The public was also curious and interested as both Young Jun and Kim Dae Myung are featured in the teaser with their release of images that show a restaurant and more.

The teaser video showed Kim Dae Myung roughly eating a tofu while clearing his falling tears. Such strong images were also enough to make the public expect highly of the music video itself. Nonetheless, Kim Dae Myung’s wonderful acting isn’t the only factor to the attention.

Young Joon’s short and soft lyric of “I think of you” reminded the viewers of his soft and gentle voice that lets you relax when you hear him.

The single will be officially released on March 27th on many various music websites.

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