Yuna Kim returns to the rink as a presenter for the 2015 Korean Nationals

Yuna Kim, perhaps better known as “The Queen,” has returned to the rink as a presenter for the 2015 Korean Nationals.

Although the talented skater and singer officially retired after the 2014 Winter Olympics, she remains involved in the figure skating community.

The 25 year old was seen delivering bouquets of flowers and a heartwarming smile to the younger skaters at the Mokdong Ice Rink. Dressed in a simple and elegant black dress, she warmly congratulated her juniors as seen in various photos.

In an interview, Yuna Kim shared that she was proud of the younger skaters and has enjoyed watching them grow. She added, “I am grateful to the senior skaters, who have been leading the juniors so well. Even the elementary and middle school-aged skaters have what it takes to perform at the international level. I look forward to seeing their achievements.


Check out some photos below:

Source: Osen and Korea Times US