Yunho Cries Out To Jonghyun On Stage During Concert

Yunho screamed his heart out shouting Jonghyun’s name during his performance in Japan.

During TVXQ‘s latest concert, Yunho screamed Jonghyun‘s name loudly on stage, surprising everyone.

While singing their song, “Somebody To Love”, Yunho stopped mid-song and screamed Jonghyun’s extremely. loudly. He then bolted to the center stage, looking overcome with grief at the reminder of his close friends’ death.

At the end of the concert, Yunho spoke out about the incident and explained what happened. He talked about his feelings at the time and what made him scream out Jonghyun’s name.

“I screamed Jonghyun’s name on stage without realizing.

I’m satisfied that I kept my promise, as an older brother, to put on the best performance that I can.

Thank you so much.”

— Yunho

TVXQ also had a special tribute written for Jonghyun at the start of their concert. A letter displayed on stage for all fans to read, commemorating their brother and fellow artist.

“Jonghyun, an artist who always shined brightly on stage, has left our side.

He was a close brother to TVXQ and an amazing singer-songwriter. Our hearts ache. We’ll never forget.

We ask everyone to remember Jonghyun and his music well. We will sing as best as we can in honor of Jonghyun.

Please cheer as loud as you can too.”



Source: Osen

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