Hwang Hana & Park Yoochun's Scandal

Hwang Hana Denies Additional Drug Use With Park Yoochun In March

“Park Yoochun administrated the drugs alone.”

Park Yoochun And Fans Alike Shed Tears At His First Hearing

Prosecution demanded a 1 year and 6 month prison sentence.

Park Yoochun’s First Trial Date Has Been Confirmed

A date has been set.

Park Yoochun Has Finally Been Deleted From JYJ’s Official Social Media

His photo and name have been removed.

Park Yoochun’s Drug Case Forwarded To Prosecution, Apologizes For Lying

“I will accept all the punishment…”

Hwang Hana Reportedly Threatened Park Yoochun With Secret Photos She Took Of Him Nude

She allegedly took secret photos of him while he was sleeping naked.

Park Yoo Hwan Says Park Yoochun Is Too Scared To Eat Or Sleep Since His Arrest

He relayed a message from Park Yoochun.

Park Yoochun Is Now Under Arrest, But He’s Asking About “How He Can Get Out”

He wants to be released quickly.

Park Yoochun Admits To Drug Use Outside Of Current Charges

This is everything he’s confessed to so far.

Park Yoochun’s Lawyer Resigns From Park Yoochun’s Case

He is no longer representing Park Yoochun.

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