Kim Sae Ron's Drunk Driving Incident

Gold Medalist Releases Results Of Kim Sae Ron’s DUI Blood Test And Apologizes
They have given another update.
Kang Daniel Denies He Was Kim Sae Ron’s Passenger At Time Of Her DUI — Identity Of Passenger Revealed
“Kang Daniel is busy getting ready for his first full album. There is no chance that he drank.”
Actress Kim Sae Ron Issues Apology For Her Drunk Driving Incident
She also detailed what happened.
Actress Kim Bora Denies Rumors That She Was Kim Sae Ron’s Passenger At Time Of Accident
“It must be frustrating for her. Just because of a photo, she is rumored to be someone who drank until the morning…”
Kim Sae Ron May Be Forced To Pay Back Production Companies
“Production companies suing actors is nothing new.”
Kim Sae Ron Withdraws From Her Upcoming K-Drama “Trolley” Following Drunk Driving Incident
She will be withdrawing from the show.
CCTV Footage Of Kim Sae Ron’s Accident Released, Netizens Are Shocked That The Actress Continued Driving
“She should have stopped after the first accident. I can’t believe she continued to drive.”
Kim Sae Ron’s Agency Apologizes For Her Drunk Driving Incident
Her agency has apologized.
Actress Kim Sae Ron Was Not Alone When She Was Pulled Over By Police
“Netizens believe that the passenger will face charges of accessory to the DUI…”
Commuters In Gangnam Face Major Delays Due To Kim Sae Ron’s Accident While Driving Under The Influence
The netizen also stated local businesses were also affected.