Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

Spire Entertainment Plans To Debut New Group As CEO Kang Manages Trainees Despite OMEGA X Abuse Scandal
Kang did not resign from the company as previously announced.
OMEGA X Japan Will Soon Close All Social Media Accounts
This follows SKIYAKI’s termination of contract with Spire Entertainment.
OMEGA X Taedong’s Sister Reveals The True Extent Of Abuse Her Brother Suffered At His Previous Company
It raises concerns about the well-being of idols in the industry!
OMEGA X’s Legal Representative Reveals The Sexual Harassment The Members Faced From CEO Kang
“If women were the victims, it would be ruled as a serious criminal offense.”
OMEGA X Personally Thank Fans For Their Help During Spire Entertainment Abuse Scandal
They appreciate FOR X for creating #PROTECTOMEGAX.
Japan’s Largest Fan Media Company SKIYAKI Terminates Contract With Spire Entertainment Amidst OMEGA X Abuse Scandal
It’s in response to OMEGA X’s press conference.
OMEGA X Members Shared Painful Stories Of The Abuse They Faced At Previous Agencies As Well
The members recalled the hard memories through tears.
OMEGA X CEO Kang Coerced The Members Into Drinking By Threatening Them With Withholding Their Album
CEO Kang also pressured them into drinking on her behalf.
OMEGA X’s Junghoon Reveals The Group Never Received A Sincere Apology And Were Instead Threatened to Pay 400 Million KRW Each
The group held a press conference on November 16.
OMEGA X To Press Charges Against Former CEO And Apply For Termination Of Contract