Seungri Scandal

Seungri’s Scandal has the entire K-Pop industry in a frenzy, with multiple idols involved in a secret sex chatroom involving Jung Joon Young,Jonghyun (CNBLUE) and Junhyung (Highlight) and Jonghun (F.T. Island)

Seungri’s Scandal: Here’s Everything We Know So Far
Victim Of Rape At Seungri and Roy Kim’s Party Comes Forward About What Happened To Her

She was raped at their party.

Victim of Rape By Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon Speaks Out On Her Terrifying Experience

She was a victim of rape.

Police Drop Choi Jonghoon’s Bribery Charges

They’ve concluded that allegations were groundless.

Police Reveal More Details About Seungri, Yoo In Suk And Superintendent Yoon’s Relation

New evidence has been discovered.

Police Suspect Seungri Embezzled Money Through Burning Sun’s Rent

Here’s what they did:

Seungri Was Reportedly The Manager Of Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom

He ordered the chatroom members on what to do.

Reporter Reveals The Saddest Thing She Discovered In Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom

“She was at the level of ‘Comfort Women’.”

Police To Apply For Seungri’s Arrest Warrant

Police will apply for his arrest warrant.

Roy Kim Makes Headlines On Georgetown University School Newspaper

They elaborated on the Georgetown Code of Student Conduct.

Police Officer Who Attacked Burning Sun Victim Additionally Booked For Sexual Assault

This was not the first time he was accused of sexually assault.

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