Seungri Scandal

Seungri’s Scandal has the entire K-Pop industry in a frenzy, with multiple idols involved in a secret sex chatroom involving Jung Joon Young,Jonghyun (CNBLUE) and Junhyung (Highlight) and Jonghun (F.T. Island)

Seungri’s Scandal: Here’s Everything We Know So Far
Numerous YG Artists Are Supposedly Making Efforts to Leave the Agency Following Recent Scandals

According to informants of Yonhap News, numerous YG artists have been reviewing means of leaving the agency.

Seungri’s Military Deferment Will Be Expiring Next Week

His military enlistment was previously postponed to June 24th.

Cryptocurrency Company Seungri Modeled For Faces Lawsuit For Fraud

Many investors had invested in the company because Seungri was its face.

Burning Sun’s Assault Victim Pleads The Police Are Still Molesting Him

“I just don’t want the police cars to keep showing up at my place.”

YG Claims Prostitutes Were Invited That Night But “No Prostitution Was Purposefully Organized”

YG claims if prostitution took place, it happened “naturally”.

Jung Joon Young Reveals How Many People Are In His Infamous Chat Rooms

He reveals how many of them are singers and more.

New Club Called “Label” Is Reportedly The Exact Same Club As Burning Sun

It’s called “The 2nd Burning Sun”.

Burning Sun Exposed To Have Solicited Underage Prostitution To VVIPs

One of the underage girls confessed what actually goes on at Burning Sun.

Woman Reveals She Was Drugged, Raped, And Threatened By Thai Investor At Burning Sun

She revealed the whole story.

MBC “Straight” Provides Alleged Proof That Yang Hyun Suk Solicited Prostitution To Business Partners

Yang Hyun Suk responded to the claims.

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