10 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By K-Pop Idols

It’s almost time to dress up for Halloween and here are some fun and quirky costume ideas that will satisfy your inner K-Pop geek.

1. HOT’s “Candy”

The reference might be lost on many but it’s a true K-pop classic.

Source: Instiz

2. Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”The goal is to be distinguishable only by color.

Source: SMTOWN

3. Block B’s “HER”…Because a crew of grown adults in animal pajamas is actually quite spooky.

4. Orange Caramel’s “Catellena”…Because nothing says I love food like dressing like food

Source: PLEDIS

5. 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”…For when you need an outfit that screams “I Don’t Care” at the top of its lungs.

6. Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar”This is for those planning on bar hopping

7. SHINee’s “Dream Girl”

It’s colorful, it’s vibrant. Definitely doesn’t look weird at all.

Source: theqoo

8. Girl’s Day’s “Tilt My Head”For when turning heads is too basic…

Source: Instiz

9. BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby”

If you can handle the hair, this will draw compliments. If.

10. Park Jinyoung’s “Pants”

Only for the bravest of the bravest