10 First Music Show Wins That Happened In 2022

Fans are so proud of their favorite artists’ wins!

Whether they have been around for a few years or just debuted in 2022, this year has seen a lot of first music show wins in K-Pop that fans are proud of! Here are ten groups and solo artists that received their first music show win in 2022.

1. Dreamcatcher

On the 20th of April, Dreamcatcher won 1st place on a music show for the very first time since their 2017 debut with their song “MAISON”. Fans were so excited about this long-awaited win!

Dreamcatcher | @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter


LE SSERAFIM wins 1st place on “THE SHOW” just one week after their debut with their song “FEARLESS”. Fans were ecstatic about the quick win!



VERIVERY wins their first-ever music show with their song “Tap Tap” since their debut in 2019!

VERIVERY | @showchampion1/Twitter

4. DKZ (Formerly DONGKIZ)

Fans have anticipated DKZ‘s win since their 2019 debut and were excited to see their recent win with the song “Uh-Heung”!

DKZ | @dongkizinism/Twitter


The VIVIZ trio excited fans with their first win as a new group! They won with their song “BOP BOP” on the 16th of February.

VIVIZ | @VIVIZ_official/Twitter


TREASURE won their first music show with on February 23rd with their song “Jik Jin”! The group sent in a celebratory video instead of their presence at the show to show their excitement!

TREASURE | Show Champion

7. Kep1er

Just days after their debut, Kep1er scored their first music show win with their song “WA DA DA”! Fans were so proud of their quick win!

Kep1er | @BHYYHfiles/Twitter

8. Choi Yena

Choi Yena‘s “SMILEY” won its very first music award on February 10th of this year!

Choi Yena | @yena.jigumena/Instagram

9. NewJeans

NewJeans made headlines with their first win in August for beating out Girls’ Generation! Their song “Attention” was a huge hit!

NewJeans | @insight/Instagram

10. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon won her first solo music show on May 3rd with her song “Drive”. Fans were proud of Miyeon’s solo success!

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon | The Show