10+ Savage Insults From K-Pop Idols That Will Make You ROFL

Korean idols are typically known for their music, dancing, and their spectacular performances, but some idols are also known for their savage wit. Though they have to keep up a certain image, one that may not entirely show their true selves, sometimes, idols’ savage sides take over.

1. When Seungri exposed the story behind BIGBANG’s lyrics


2. When Haru couldn’t lie


3. When Heechul looked real close


4. When Amber let the people hear the truth


5. When Bambam was left to fend for himself


6. When Key was questioned about Minho’s acting abilities


7. When Jungkook couldn’t stay in his lane


8. When Eunji took a toll on Kwangsoo’s ego


9. When Suga didn’t get the photocard he wanted


10. When Seohyun tried to dodge the truth


11. When Amber described her ideal type