10 Times BTS Suga Forgot His Swag At Home

Onstage, Suga seems like a badass rapper, but he isn’t always like that.

Sometimes, he just isn’t down to be on his A game all the time (relatable).

Other times, he just wants to be cute for ARMY.

Because being Agust D is hard work, and it’s good to just relax.

And who says being swag means being hard core all the time?

His swag might, however, vanish in the face of loud noises, but who can blame him?

Or when it’s been a long day and he’s just ready to go home…

Sometimes he tries to drop his swag at the door but he ends up bringing it with him! Look at those fire moves.

Actually… even his singing carries as much saw as his rap.

He may have claimed hip-hop was dead, but even when he’s not full swag, he pretty much rocks it.

Maybe that’s why he’s referred to as “Min Genius”.