10+ Times DIA’s Chaeyeon Showed How Much She Loves Alcohol

DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon has been known to have a strong tolerance for alcohol as well as loving to have drinks occasionally.

She’s even been revealed to drink alone in the dorm at times. Check out all these times that she has shown her love for her alcohol.

1. The one time she decided to have a fruity cocktail

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2. When she received this drink at a fansign

3. When she wants you to have a drink with her

4. After being given two bottles of soju

5. After she’s been given a glass beer

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6. And again after a larger glass of beer

7. I guess she really does love her beer

8. It looks like she likes wine too


9. She definitely loves her wine

10. But her love for soju is another thing

11. And of course she has also drunk So-Maek (Soju and Beer) on TV